OnDemand access to flexible office spaces all over the world

One central subsribtion provides an access to over 5000 locations​ in over 70 countries all over the world. And the network keeps growing every single day.

5 000​ locations

70​ countries

1 600​ cities

670+​ brands

100+​ new locations every month

1​ agreement & 1 bill

Benefits from Colliers Mobility Pass

  • Flexible Real Estate component​ for unstable time
  • Extra benefit​ for talent retention, especially for remote and mobile employees
  • Fix cost reduction
  • Intuitive mobile app​ for better employee’s experience
  • Full data analytics and admin platform for employer

Global reach

Choose a convenient service package

Hot Desk

  • Monthly memberships
  • Access to coworking desk
  • 1,600 locations
  • 10,000 meeting rooms

Private Office

  • Monthly memberships
  • Access to private offices
  • 1,000 locations
  • 10,000 meeting rooms

The Hub
Office + Network

  • The Upflex hub and spoke model is perfect for a distributed workforce.
  • Your team gets one or more dedicated office(s) as well as the access to the entire Upflex network

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